Well, that took some time to figure out.  I replaced my virtual pfsense router/firewall/ids with a physical box.  In the conversion I lost my firewall & NAT rules for the DMZ which prevented the website from being accessible.  I also had to brush up on my vLAN Fu.  I actually had the vLAN set correct about 4 days ago, but didn't realize I had a firewall/NAT problem.


Anyway, the site is back up.  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  Don't tell the Russians.  I got enough of them trying to register as it is.

The website will be down sometime this weekend (Feb 23-25) for hardware upgrades.

Members whom are interested in learning how this works behind the curtain can call me for more information.

The CMS software is now installed!  Not much left to do now.  Just need to:

Create News Categories

Create a theme template

Add forums

Create forum categories

Add a Calendar

Populate Calendar with 2018 events

Add Logins


My goal is to have the site fully functional by December 1, 2017.


I've been busy with after hours maintenance for work and haven't yet had time to work on this site. I'm hoping to take another stab at it this weekend. In the meantime, please consider showing your support for the battle for the internet.